Pressure Transmitter PT06-3MX0 TBM

Digital process transmitter for gauge pressure, absolute pressure and level

PT06-3M60 TBM sensor success story

Pondus Instrument AB Is a Swedish based company specialized in design & development of pressure measurement devices for demanding applications. Some examples of applications were Pondus are active; heavy-duty pressure sensors made for Tunneling production for subways, trains, motorway etc. Water and Waste Water, Marine market, Sanitary pressure sensors for Food- & Life Science- industry.

This success story started on a customer meeting with Pondus and their partner Eletta Beijing Ltd who visited a big tunnel boring machine producer. The customer complains on very poor reliability and life time on their pressure sensor and their current supplier was not so interested trying to solve their problems.

This meeting was the starting point for a fantastic success and a fruitful cooperation with the TBM customer. The client gave a very clear picture of their need and their expectation for an optimal TBM Pressure Sensor. After several technical meetings the specification was ready, next step was based on our experience of development of different types of pressure sensors develop an optimal TBM Pressure Sensor.

Short list Demand Specification TBM pressure sensor.

• 10 times longer life time than today.
• High sensitivity for Point Pressure detection.
• Water tight IP68 and vibration resistance.
• Different mechanical design (for different models ofTBM’s)
• Diaphragm must withstand extremely abrasive media.
• Autozero function for maintenance.
• Special models for Slurry Pressure

The challenge was to fulfil all different demands and at the same time the product cost must be kept on a reasonable level. After 10-15 months of product development, field tests and fine tuning of the design, the product was ready and released.

The result after introduction late 2012 has been a tremendous success. Pondus TBM pressure sensor surpassed all demands with margin. Until today more than 3000 pressure sensors are in use measuring Earth Pressure on TBM’s who’s boring new Subways, Rail tunnels. Electrical tunnels, Motorways etc. Currently five different TBM producers has standardized with Pondus TBM pressure sensor PT06-3M60.

Long life time, advanced measurement technology and flexible mechanical design are the main factors for the fantastic success.

In September 2017 Pondus releases generation 2 PT06RS-3Mx60 this sensor follows up generation 1 with following new features.

• Improved point pressure detection
• Four different mechanical dimensions can be ordered
• Digital electronic
• Digital output for temperature reading
• Re-ranging of pressure range
• Autozero functions direct on sensor
• Modbus RTU RS485 protocol
• PC configuration via Mep7 software can be used on Win XP, Win?, Win 8.1, WinlO and Linux