Level Transmitter LT10

Electronic submersible level transmitter for level measurement in liquids.

Electronic transmitter with submersible measuring probe in stainless steel for level measurement in vessels where pressure connection in the bottom is not possible or desirable. For example pump pits, reservoirs or plastic tanks..

  • New innovative 2-sensor technology for stable long term measurement. No reference tube is needed in the measuring probe cable.
  • EMC proof construction.
  • Lightning protected.
    Meets the demands for Class 1 testing according to IEC61643-1, 5 kA (10/350 uS).
    This means that the transmitter can withstand a lightning hit close to the transmitters signal/ supply cables
  • Media temperatures up to 80°C(176T).
  • Easily lengthened/shortened probe cable.
    As there is no reference tube in the probe cable the length can be easily changed.
  • New plezoresistive sensor technology.
    Reduces temperature dependence and deviation.
  • Simple maintenance and calibration.
    All adjustments are done in the electronic housing.
    (No adjustments are done in the measuring probe.)